S.Tahera & Abdus Samad, S.Shakera & Mohammed Fahad

We are a middle class family struggling with the needs of day to day life. I have six daughters, two of them earlier married to decent boys. I was in search of similar decent boys for my 3rd and 4th daughter, as the younger ones are still studying in school. The alliances brought by the matchmakers (mushatas) demanded dowry which we couldn’t afford. As a consequence, my daughters were getting older day by day. I had lost hope of getting right men for my daughters, hence stopped looking for alliances for my daughters.

But my brother-in-law somehow came to know about Munsif Matrimony and without my knowledge, he and my wife together browsed profiles on the website which has a lot of genuine profiles. After sending interests to a few selected candidates and chatting with their families, they came to a consensus on an alliance of two real brothers whose parents were looking for decent brides who would consider husband’s family as their own and give respect and care to the family members.

They had mentioned in the profile itself that they are strictly against taking dowry and the marriage would be conducted as simple as possible. My wife and brother-in-law then told me about the alliance and consulted me for my endorsement. I was also happy knowing about the grooms’ family and thinking that two of my daughters would be married soon and that too without any financial burden. Soon Nikah and rukhsati of my two daughters were conducted in a mosque.